Amy's All Star Dance Studio
1194 FM 78 Schertz, TX 78154
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Studio Policies


* All class placement is based on the students age as of 

September 1, 2022 

*Dancers are expected to be on time to class, ready to dance.

*Attendance matters! Dancers must attend class regularly if they want to progress. Excessive absences may result in a students inability to remain in that level of class or opportunities for extra performances.

*Unless previous arrangements have been made, dancers are expected to attend all classes they are registered for. If a dancer is going to miss class, please inform the studio in advance so instructors may be notified.

*Make-up classes must be completed within 30 days of the missed class. The make-up class may be any class at level or one level below the class missed.

*If only one student is present for class, the class will be considered a private and shortened to half an hour.

*Dancers may not leave the classroom without permission from the teacher.

*Dancers are expected to be respectful to their teachers and fellow dancers at all times.

* Walking feet ONLY in classroom(s) and studio (NO RUNNING).


* Food and drinks must stay in the lobby at all times.


* All trash must be put in its place.


* ONLY water bottles may be brought into the classroom(s).


* Chewing gum /candy is not allowed in the classroom(s).


* Playing with or on any equipment in the studio or classroom(s) without

    the instructor is unsafe and is not allowed.


* Students are allowed in the classroom ONLY when an instructor 

     is present.


* All students are required to wear appropriate dance wear and 

    have their hair pulled back.


* Parents will be allowed in the classroom upon the instructor's consent.

* Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom.

 A 30 day notice must be signed and given to the office staff to withdraw from classes.  Tuition will be charged until formal notice is given.