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The Amy's All Star dance recital will be on June 16, 2018

The recital will be held at Texas Lutheran University's Jackson Auditorium in

Seguin, TX.

Get Directions To:
1000 W Court St
Seguin TX 78155

11:00 - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

  • Full costume & shoes - not hair & make up
  • 10:30 dancers arrive, so rehearsal can start at 11:00
  • Rehearsal will last about 2 hours
  • Return to the auditorium at 3:30, dressed in full costume, hair done in style selected by the instructor, & light make up.  (No make up for boys)

4:00 Recital begins

  • The dancers need to be at the drop off point 30 minutes before they are scheduled to perform. (Drop off time will be announced at the rehearsal)
  • Anyone scheduled to dance in the first 10 dances will need to be back stage by 3:30 PM.
  • The instructor will appoint one mom to stay with the group while they are back stage. 

Professional Recital Videos

"Sharpshooters Video" will be video taping our recital this year!


Cost for the DVD is $35.00 (includes shipping directly to your home)


Order online at 


We will pre-sell flowers for you to give your dancers the night of the recital.  You can buy a bouquet for $6.00 and add to the excitement of this enchanted day!


Parents usually present the dancer with the flowers after they have danced.  You can pick up your flowers in the front lobby before the recital starts.

Orders may be placed now through June 7, 2018.

Recital Shirts

Order Now through  June 7th!


Recital t-shirts are on sale now!

Choose from 2 designs...


My First Recital  $16.23

Recital Theme   $16.23


XXL & XXXL sizes - add $2.00

Dancer's name on back - add $5.00

New this year!!!
You can order your dancer their very own recital trophy.
For $18.00 you can pick up & present your dancer with their own trophy for all of their hard work.

Trophy orders must be placed by June 7th.

2018 Recital Line-up


1. W 6:30 MT Danielle/Amanda* “Who Likes Christmas”

2. Leila’s Ch Tap solo Rachel/Amanda* “The Tapwriter”

3. M 6:30 Ballet Danielle “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”

4. Ava’s HH solo Leslie G* “Just for Kicks”

5. W 5:30 Mini Tap Amy* “Bee Humble”

6. W 5:30 Tap Danielle “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

7. T 4:30 Tap Claudia “Bare Necessities”

8. T 6:30 Leaps & Turns Amanda “Twist My Hips”

9. Reagan’s Tap solo Rachel/Amanda* “A Shine on Your Shoes”

10. Th 4:30 Petite Tap Amy* “Boogie Shoes”

11. Grace’s Tap solo Rachel/Danielle* “Smile Big”

12. Th 6:30 Jazz Torie “Wild Things”

13. Ava & Amanda Jazz duet Leslie G* “Swish”

14. Sammi’s Lyrical solo Amanda* “Dreamer”

15. W 5:30 Ballet Torie/Amanda “Glow”

16. Reagan & Tiffani Tap duet Amanda* “Double Trouble”

17. Abbie & Kalyn Character duet Amy/Danielle* “Yakety Yak”

18. Th 6:30 Contemporary Amy/Dana* “Revolt”

19. W 4:30 Tap Amy “Let’s Hear It for the Boy”

20. T 4:30 Jr Tap Rachel/Amanda* “10ft Off the Ground”

21. W 7:30 Contemporary Torie “Alaska”

22. M 7:30 Adv Ballet Kelsee “Habanera”

23. Olivia’s Tap solo Amy/Danielle* “Uptown Girl”

24. M 4:30 & 5:30 Hip Hop Amanda H “One More Time Remix”

25. M 8:30 Pointe solo Kelsee “Waltz of the Hours”

26. Teacher Dance “Greatest Show”



27. T 5:30 Acro Amanda/Dana* “What a Feeling”

28. Loralei’s Jazz solo Amy/Danielle* “What’s Inside That Counts”

29. T 6:30 Ballet Anna “What the World Needs Now”

30. Grace & Leila’s Tap duet Rachel/Amanda* “Ragtime”

31. Ava’s Contemporary solo Ava* “Let It All Go”

32. Tiffani’s Acro solo Amanda* “Unique”

33. Th 5:30 Tap Torie “Amar Y Vivir”

34. W 4:30 Jazz/Acro Amanda “Better in Stereo”

35. Zoey’s Tap solo Rachel/Danielle* “Pick Yourself Up”

36. T 7:30 Senior Tap Rachel/Amanda* “Beethoven Boomed”

37. M 4:30 Int Jazz Amanda/Danielle* “Ruby Blue”

38. Lucy’s Ballet solo Amy/Danielle* “Tiny Dreamer”

39. W 4:30 Jazz Danielle “That’s How We Do”

40. M 4:30 Jr Ballet Dana “My Favorite Things”

41. Th 7:30 Dance Elite Amanda* “Love Myself”

42. T 7:30 Jazz Anna “Come Alive”

43. M 6:30 Petite Ballet Kelsee “Edelweiss”

44. W 6:30 Hip Hop Torie “You Already Know”

45. T 5:30 Jr Jazz Amy* “Greatest Day”

46. M 5:30 Int Tap Rachel/Danielle* “What Makes You Beautiful”

47. T 6:30 Ballet Dana “Once Upon a December”

48. Senior Tap Trio Rachel/Amanda* “Kalinka”

49. Th 5:30 Petite Jazz/Acro Amanda* “We Own the Night”

50. T 7:30 Lyrical Dana “Tightrope”

51. Caitlyn’s Lyrical Solo Amanda* “Battle Cry”

52. M 6:30 Hip Hop Crew Amanda H/Amanda T* “Hands Up”




Feature your child in this year’s recital program!

Personal ads and business ads accepted.


Personal ads- picture of your child(ren) with special

message from you or family members.


Business ads- advertisement for business, may include

a picture of child(ren) and personal message also.


The cost of the ads and their sizes are listed below.  All advertisements must be copy ready when submitted with payment.


Sizes are based on a standard 8½ x 11 page


Business card………………………………….$35.00

¼ page (vertical or horizontal)………….$50.00

½ page (vertical or horizontal)………….$75.00

Full page…………………………………………$100.00


This program is circulated to families from San Antonio through New Braunfels.  It is viewed by more than 800 people living in Schertz, Cibolo, Converse, Selma, and their surrounding areas. 


The funds raised from the ads directly support Amy’s ALL* STAR Dance Studio’s competition dance team the Rising Stars.  Donation forms are available at desk.  




Thank you for your support!                   Deadline is June 7th