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Our Director Ms. Amy

My name is Amy Mucha. Better known as “Ms. Amy”!


 I was born as Amy Michelle Thompson in San Antonio, TX. As a child, I grew up in a loving, Christian home. My parents and family supported all my dreams. When I wanted to be a princess, like many of your little girls, I got to be princess! When I wanted to drive a big truck, my daddy would put me on his lap and let me steer! When I wanted to be a baker, my mom would help me bake yummy treats! And when all I needed was a great big hug, my Grandma Ann was always there!


I’ve been more than blessed in my upbringing and my education. I attended Trinity Church Education Center throughout my elementary years. This set a solid foundation for my faith in my youngest years. In middle school I attended Bradley M.S. and as all of us know, middle school is when you think you know it all! As I entered High School at MacArthur, I realized I didn’t know it all. There were so many new choices to make!


Given my history in dance, I immediately went the dance team route!


My love for dance began at age three! Beginning w/ tap, ballet and acrobatics, where I learned all the same skills I pass onto your children. I’d like to think I have perfected these over the years! As I continued dancing, I gradually started to take interest in other styles of dance. I have concluded that Hip Hop is not my forte! I’ve studied and learned from professionals all around the world. I’ve attended countless classes, workshops, conventions and seminars all focusing on dance and what dance has to offer individuals of all ages, boys and girls.


By the age of 12, I began assisting dance classes. Three months later, I was conducting my own class. I was very fortunate to have had this opportunity at such a young age. I have been instructing children, teenagers, young adults and the young at heart for over 24 years. I really don’t know how that is possible when I’m only 23!


Right after my 17th birthday, my one and only redhead baby sister, Amanda Nicole Thompson, was born! WOW! Yes, 17 years apart! As her big sister, a.k.a. Sissy, I insisted that she enter my world of dance. That she did! I must say she has excelled in the art of dance way beyond her years. She graduated from the University of Incarnate Word and she was on the UIW dance squad. She has goals work in dance therapy with a focus on special needs children. We plan to incorporate her talent and education into a program at Amy’s All Stars in the near future!


I went to the University of Texas in San Antonio, where I graduated w/ my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I taught first grade but found myself still the happiest teaching children to dance! Today, I am still following my heart!


In December 2004, God gave us our own princess, a beautiful baby girl, Addison Rheann Mucha! She is definitely a homegrown dance studio baby!  I know that her young spirited personality and God’s guiding light will take her where she wants to go! But for now, she is happy to be a dancing Princess!


In June 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lyphoma. I fought this cancer for over 3 years with many other complications along the way.  Many prayers later, family and friends’ support, my All Star studio family, doctors and above all our Heavenly Father’s grace and healing hands, I am here to continue carrying out my dream!


“Let them praise His name with Dance” Psalm 149